Spring 2008

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  • Welcome: From the Visiting Committee Chair: David Vitale, Chair of SSA's Visiting Committee, discusses the influence of the late Rev. Kenneth B. Smith.
  • Beyond the Books: These five strategies improve urban education by focusing on the people in the school.
  • Back from War: An array of views on the returning vets who have been scarred by their experiences—and how well we're helping them
  • Leading a Research Party: Sarah Gehlert's transdisciplinary program is conducting groundbreaking research on how living in a distressed community may be a cause of breast cancer.
  • Conversation - Don't Shoot: SSA professor Jens Ludwig and Roseanna Ander, program officer for the gun violence program at the Joyce foundation, discuss the costs and prevention of gun violence.
  • Theory in Practice: Therapists need to understand not just how to use, but why to use a variety of clinical perspectives.
  • Hip-Hop Generation: The rise of hip-hop gives insight into today's world.
  • Voice of the People: Social service agencies advocate for their clients surprisingly often.
  • Inside Social Service Review: The following are summaries of three articles that appeared in the June 2008 issue of Social Service Review.
  • A Voice from the Field: Casa Central - A home away from home
  • Behind the Numbers - False Perceptions: 27.9%: Vietnamese boys that smoke, according to a study in Massachusetts. The damage done by stereotypes about Asian Americans' model behavior

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  • An extended Conversation: Don't Shoot, a conversation about gun violence, with Jens Ludwig and Roseanna Ander
  • Speaking Out: A Q&A about the rules of lobbying and advocacy, with Jennifer Mosley
Bria Berger

Bria Berger, AM '14

“It’s important to have transferable skills and to have a professional mentor. Working with [Assistant Professor] Alida Bouris has helped me both personally and professionally. She has encouraged me to mold my course schedule and placement to my interest and goals, to take risks, and she has helped me shape my vision of who I am in the social work world.”