History of American Urban Education

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This course explores the complex history of American urban education from the 19th century to modern times. Our primary analytical lens will be the role of place, race, and ethnicity in the making of contemporary schools, schooling, and curriculum in US urban centers. We will undertake this exploration by examining a selection of books, some of which are "foundational" texts in the history of American urban education, others that have opening up new and important areas of research in the field, and still others that have addressed vital issues in the history of urban education in a particularly compelling way. This course has four main goals: 1) To provide you with a broad overview of the history of U.S. urban education; 2) To introduce you to a number of widely used interpretive frameworks used to explain the history of American urban education; 3) To critically examine a number of key books in the field in light of these frameworks; 4) To give you experience using historiography of urban education to illuminate current policies, practices, or trends in urban schools.

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