Seminar in Violence Prevention

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This course provides students with an overview of emerging practices, programs, and policies that aim to prevent violence before-the-fact. The course will overview the common manifestations of interpersonal violence (including child abuse, youth and community violence, and intimate partner violence), examining their prevalence as well as their consequences. Students are then introduced to conceptual frames from which to understand violence and its before-the-fact prevention, including social ecological and public health models of violence prevention. The course then examines such topics as the role of risk and protective factors, screening and assessment for violence potential, evidence-based intervention and programmatic strategies targeting before-the-fact violence prevention, and examples advocacy efforts promoting broad changes in policy that affect interpersonal violence. Taught as a seminar, the course will address special topics relevant to violence prevention, and will include active discussion, case examples, videos, and presentation by experts in the field. The course is open to students in clinical practice and social administration concentrations, as well as Ph.D. students.

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