Jonathan Foiles




  • 41000 Psychodynamic Practice Methods I

Job Experience

  • Psychotherapist at Mt. Sinai Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health
  • Continuing Fellow at Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis 


Fields of Special Interest

  • Psychodynamic thought
  • Trauma
  • Intersection of social justice and clinical social work

Publications or Presentations

  • Book coming August 2019, "This City is Killing Me:  Community Trauma and Toxic Stress in Urban America."
  • The Collected Schizophrenias is a Mental Illness Mythbuster.” Chicago Review of Books,published 2/6/19

  •  "Addressing Trauma at the Community Level in Chicago.' Belt Magazine, published 10/9/18

  • "Everything We Know About Trauma Suggests Christine Blasey Ford Is Telling the Truth.” Slate, published 9/19/18
  • "How to Hold On to Hope.” Slate, published 6/29/18
  • "Facing a Mental Health Care System Gutted by Mayor Emanuel, Chicago Residents are Opting to Fund Their Own Clinics." Belt Magazine, published 1/9/18
  • "How to Listen to and Support Victims of Sexual Trauma.” Slate, published 11/14/17
  • "Mental Health Problems Don’t Disappear if You Don’t Have Insurance.” Slate, published 6/30/17
  • Blog hosted by Psychology Today called The Thing with Feathers.