Bridgette Davis



Bridgette Davis is a doctoral candidate, Institute of Educational Sciences Pre-Doctoral Fellow, and Point Foundation Alum at the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration. Prior to earning her master's degree in social service administration, Davis worked in both traditional and charter public schools in Atlanta and Chicago for 11 years.  Davis's experiences in supporting students from underserved communities during the onset of adolescence through transitions to adulthood informs her research and teaching. She believes timely and high-quality  feedback is the most important driver of adult learning. Her research interests focus on the role of organizations in mediating inequality among marginalized populations as they undertake significant developmental transitions. Davis’s dissertation “Figuring Futures” is a mixed-methods, multi-level study that follows 31 low-income young adults and the staff who support them on the far south side of Chicago during the year after high school graduation as they pursue their post-secondary goals. In the future, Davis plans to study the emerging field of human service organizations that seek to attach underserved youth to school and/or work to better understand the how these organizations navigate complexity within modern labor, housing, and post-secondary education markets and policy fields.


  • 44712 Queer Theory in Social Work Practice


Job Experience

  • Taught both middle school and high school
  • Served as Dean of Instruction for the Noble Network of Charter Schools
  • Worked as a program director for both Teach For America and One Goal
  • Led a school-based college counseling team to support high school seniors to and through four-year college and meaningful post-secondary pathways


Fields of Special Interest

  • Human service organizations
  • Social inequality
  • Life course perspectives and developmental transitions