Neil Guterman

Neil Guterman, Dean

Neil Guterman is Dean, the Mose and Sylvia Firestone Professor, and the Director of the Beatrice Cummings Mayer Program in Violence Prevention in the School of Social Service Administration. His scholarly interests are concerned with services targeting children and violence, and he holds special interest in child abuse and neglect prevention, as well as children's exposure to violence outside the home. Professor Guterman has published numerous peer reviewed scholarly articles on these topics, is the author of the seminal Stopping Child Maltreatment before It Starts: Emerging Horizons in Early Home Visitation Services (Sage, 2000), and is co-editing a second book on child abuse prevention that is expected to become the reference work for the field of child abuse prevention.

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Andrea Haidar, AB '15, AM '16

Andrea Haidar, AB '15, AM '16

"The David and Mary Winton Green Scholarship allowed me to pursue my ambitions in social work research and administrative practice. I feel well prepared and excited to advance my career in the social services."