Kathryn Bocanegra



  • 61100 Seminar in Violence Prevention

Job Experience

  • Program Director, Therapeutic Outreach Youth Services, Pilsen Wellness Center
  • Director of Violence Prevention, Enlace Chicago
  • Consultant, Institute for Nonviolence Chicago
  • Consultant, Alliance for Safety and Justice
  • Commissioner, Governor’s Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform
  • Council Member, Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council

Fields of Special Interest

  • Community Violence Prevention
  • Traumatic Loss/ Complex Trauma
  • Sentencing Policy
  • Criminal Justice Reform

Publications or presentations

  • Bocanegra, K. (2017) Community and Decarceration: Developing Localized Solutions. Book chapter in Smart Decarceration Initiative (Epperson, Pettus-Davis). In press
  • Bocanegra, K. Gorman-Smith, D., Patel, S. (2017). Preventing Youth Aggression in Community. Book Chapter in Handbook of Adolescent Aggression: Emergence, Development and Intervention (Malti, Ruben). Under review
  • Deane, K., Zakaryan, A. Richards,.M. Santiago, C., Bocanegra, K., Scott, D., Escobar,.C, Romero, E., Mozley, M. (2017). Mexican-American Urban Youth Perspectives on Environmental Stressors, Psychosocial Difficulties, and Coping: En Sus Propias Palabras. Journal of Child and Family Studies. Under Review.
  • Zakaryan, Romero, Richards, Bocanegra, Deane, Santiago, Mozley, Scott (2017, anticipated). Mexican-American Youth’s Perception of Community Violence. American Journal of Community Psychology
  • Voisin, Kim, Bocanegra, Morotta (2016, anticipated). The Juvenile Justice System and African American Adolescents: Examining Mental Health, Delinquency, Drug Use, Sexual Risk Behaviors, and Community Violence.
  • Bocanegra, Rak (2015). The Little Village Youth Safety Map. Enlace Chicago
  • Structural barriers, not stigma, limit access to mental health services for low-income Latino communities: Community based research. Poster presentation. Society for Social Work Research. New Orleans, LA (January, 2017)
  • Structural Social Work: A Framework for Understanding Latino Issues, Si Se Puede: Social Workers United for Latino Advancement, New York, NY (April, 2016)
  • Mexican-American Youth’s Perception of Community Violence Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, PA (March, 2015)