IT Services

SSA provides a Computer Laboratory that is equipped with 22 PC-compatible machines connected to 2 high-volume network printers. This Lab has been established for the exclusive use of SSA students and staff, SSA computer-based courses, and other instruction. SSA has 24 laptop computers for in-class instruction use. Each computer offers the latest software provided by the University for coursework, and any applications required by classes at SSA. In addition, the Lab computers have highspeed connections to the Internet for browsing and e-mail services. SSA employs its own in-house IT staff for technical support.

Students use the Labs to work on their own assignments and research; they also use them for statistical analysis for quantitative research courses. All students make use of the Lab at one time or another during their time at SSA, either for required coursework or personal research. Each student therefore is also provided with a limited amount of password-protected storage for their own use while attending SSA.

In addition, students are able to print course work and other pages for free, up to a set amount each year. Students are charged a small fee for printing that exceeds the specified number of pages.

The Lab is available during regular building hours. Additional computing University resources are also available throughout the campus including Library computers.

Other available computing resources include:
ITS: Information for New Students
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