The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP) is unique among health administration programs in the United States. GPHAP allows students to earn either a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy or a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy with a Concentration in Global Health, while earning a degree in one of the participating graduate schools on campus: The Booth School of Business, the Harris School of Public Policy, the Law School, the Pritzker School of Medicine, and the School of Social Service Administration.

The University of Chicago founded the first program of its type in 1934 and since that time has trained more than 1,000 leaders in the field—talented individuals now leading major medical centers, health care organizations, universities, government agencies, foundations, insurance companies, and consulting firms across the country. What makes the program so valuable is its interdisciplinary focus. 

An Interdisciplinary Approach

By drawing students as well as faculty from business, public policy, law, medicine, social work, and social service administration, the GPHAP has assembled one of the richest and most diverse set of intellectual resources available to students who wish to enter the field of health care management and policy.

Increasingly, health care organizations need individuals with vision and judgment to face various economic, ethical, and social issues as well as the financial demands of this complex field. As health care professionals encounter the challenges of today's health care environment, the connection between administration and policy becomes stronger. Managers need to understand health care policy just as policymakers need to understand the operating environment of health care providers. Thus, the demand for health care professionals has broadened as the field has become more diverse, encompassing new environments, alliances, and models of care.

The next generation of health care leaders will require not only a diverse skill set, but deep interdisciplinary training in policy, management, finance, and social service delivery—the kind of training offered at the University of Chicago—in order to tackle the health care management issues of today. 

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To apply to GPHAP, you must have already been accepted to one of the participating schools. If you are an accepted student, please visit the GPHAP admissions page.