Disability Studies: Theory and Application for the Social Worker

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Disability Studies is an interdisciplinary field which critiques mainstream models of disability and health. Disability Studies is invested both in centering the experiences and knowledge of people with disabilities, and in critiquing systems of power and oppression. This course will provide and introduction to key Disability Studies theories and explore their applications to critical social work practice. Topics may include: the social model of disability, Mad Studies, embodiment theories, accessibility, and disability activism. The course will take an intersectional approach to the study of disability, and will heavily emphasize translation of academic concepts into practical applications for varied social work settings. Students will work collaboratively in large and small groups to create a toolkit of Disability Studies concepts to bring with them into their field sites and future practice settings. Course materials will be multimedia and will include academic texts as well as videos, blog posts, are, and activist work. Class sessions will include close readings and discussions of course materials, short lectures dissecting key concepts, and dedicated time for group work.

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