Advanced Writing for Social Work

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Clear and accurate writing is an integral part of the social work profession. Effectively communicating ideas and insights is crucial to social work education. This half-course is designed to make students better academic and professional writers by making them better, more efficient editors of their own written expression. It is designed for students in all concentrations become more self-aware, proficient, and flexible writers. In a hands-on, workshop format, the course concentrates on revision and reflection to enhance writing practices. Students will edit the writing of others, receive feedback on their own work, and improve what they've previously written. By revising and editing already “completed” drafts of academic papers, professional memos, case notes, etc. students can focus on the necessities of precise expression rather than the usual generation of content. They thus develop the vital habit of seeing what's actually on the page rather than what they meant to say. In addition, we will discuss models of writing to expand our sense of what we might do within and across genres. By consistently reflecting on their own approach to writing, they learn to better adapt their language to best fit the wide range of writing tasks within social work.

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