JaeSeung Kim



  • 30200 Social Intervention: Research and Evaluation

Job experience

  • Full-time Researcher at Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
  • Research Assistant at Earth Institution

Fields of Special Interest

  • Poverty and family and child wellbeing

  • Work-family policies for low-income workers

  • Work schedule and child-care

Publications or presentations

  • Henly, J.R., Kim, J.S., Sandstrom, H., Pilarz, A.R., & Claessens, A. (Forthcoming). What explains short spells on child-care subsidies? Social Service Review.

  • Golden, L. & Kim, J. S. (Forthcoming).  Irregular work schedules and its consequences. In S. Degroof (Ed.), Work-life balance in the modern workplace: Interdisciplinary perspectives from work-family research, law and policy on the blurring of boundaries between work and private life.  Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations.

  • Shim, Y.H, Lee, R.H., & Kim, J.S. (Forthcoming). Harder times and harder minds: Material hardship and marital wellbeing      among low-income families in Korea. Journal of Family Issues.

  • Kim, J.S., Shim, Y.H., & Lee, R.H. (2016). Material hardship and depression among low-income families in Korea: differences by household types. International Journal of Social Welfare, 25(2), 187-198.

  • Muennig, P., Kuebler, M., Kim, J. S., Todorovic, D., & Rosen, Z. (2013). Gender differences in material, psychological, and social domains of the income gradient in mortality: implications for policy. PloS one, 8(3)

  • Kim, J.S. (2017, May). (Invited Presentation).  Workplace Flexibility and Family Relationships for Working Parents: Focusing on      Gender Difference. 2017 Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work Life Balance project at the London School of Economics, London, U.K. Annual Meetings of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • Kim, J.S., (2016, Jan.). Workplace flexibility and couple‚Äôs relationship quality and parent-child interactions among working parents.  2016 Society for Social Work Research, Washington, DC.

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  • Kim, J.S., Golden, L., Henly, J., & Lambert, S. (2013. Jan.) Work Schedule Control and Worker Happiness: Contrasts by Salaried and Hourly Employees and Parental Status. 2013 Annual meeting of American Economic Association, San Diego, CA

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