Ann Trettin



  • 30100 Social Intervention:  Direct Practice I and II
  • 62122 Play Therapy

 Job experience

  • Senior Lecturer and BSW Program Director:  The University of Toledo
  • Children’s Therapist:  Community mental health system and private practice

  • Executive Director:  Seneca County Commission on Aging, Inc.

  • Parent and Child Services Coordinator:  Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio

Fields of Special Interest

  • Filial and play therapy
  • Military social work

  • Systemic approaches to support adult learner persistence

  • Program management

  • Clinical supervision

  • Online learning

Max Beshers

Max Beshers, AM '14

“I’ve learned that research is a lot of work and it takes a long time to do. From the protocol, to developing instruments, to recruiting participants. This has been a real eye-opener. But all of this hard work [for Project READY] is gratifying as this research is important. It will help inform those of us who are clinicians. And it’s going to save lives.”