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In SSA’s new Interdisciplinary Scholar Networks, researchers from disparate fields work together to build a stronger whole

Expanded coverage and new programs will make the Affordable Care Act a potent weapon against diabetes in poor neighborhoods

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The Network for College Success harnesses data, trust, and leadership to improve Chicago high schools.

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We have recently heard a great deal in the public discourse about growing economic disparities in the U.S., mixed with a heavy dose of language about “unaffordable” government programs. Some have characterized what they see as a deepening paradox in the U.S., wherein we have recently made progress toward greater social inclusion, placing value on “equality of opportunity,” while simultaneously we appear to be increasingly tolerant of “inequality of condition” for our citizens.

For this Conversation, Professor Colleen Grogan sat down with James Galloway, the assistant U.S. surgeon general, to talk about how public health is changing, the role of community organizations in public health, and more.

A new study looks at what the Internet offers women living under military occupation

After welfare reform, more recipients have symptoms of depression

For young single mothers, whether living with their parents is helpful or stressful may be influenced by race and ethnicity

With a new blueprint, teaching and learning make a comeback
at the Chicago Public Schools.

Knowing how evidence-based practice began leads to better implementation.

How one union organized to unite African American and immigrant workers

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SSA alum Frank Farrow has spent his career making big plans work at the community level

New approaches help practitioners use evidence-based practice