Winter 2014 Features:

Poor and SuburbanSuburban poverty is on the rise, and with it comes a unique set of problems and opportunities.

Deep Impact - SSA’s doctoral students are producing rigorous, original research—just like graduates have been doing for nearly 100 years.

A Motivational Mixture - A number of new substance abuse treatment methods rethink how counselors help clients move to sobriety.


  • Viewpoint: From the Dean - At the Forefront
  • Conversation - Reaching Fathers
  • Ideas
  • Inside Social Service Review
    • Modern Families - The support kids receive is impacted by the type of family they grow up in.
    • Not Working - How unemployment insurance is funded affects where it works and where it’s stumbling.
    • Far From Home - A new study gives new context to an old issue—why do women spend less time commuting than men?
  • A Voice From the Field
    • From the Ground Up - For 30 years, Nathan Linsk has helped build institutions and programs to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic
  • Behind the Numbers
    • Transformed - 16,000: Number of families moved out of traditional public housing in Chicago. Chicago has relocated residents out of public housing and into a mix of different kinds of homes. How well are they doing?
Jan and Jerry Wolf

Jerry Wolf, AM '74, MBA '75 and Jan Harris Wolf, AM '74

During their first quarter at SSA, Jerry Wolf and Jan Harris, took a class on the history of social welfare, an encounter that led to their marriage and a beginning for their time at SSA that has guided them in their careers.