SSA offers a number of lectures throughout the year, where experts speak on a variety of current issues in social work and social welfare policy.

Upcoming Lectures/Symposia/Events:

January 27, 2016: Illuminating (In)Justice Series

February 20, 2016: Phenomenal Black Women and Girls symposium

Pastora San Juan Cafferty Lecture on Race and Ethnicity in American Life

The Ruth Knee Lecture 

The Rhoda G. Sarnat Lecture

The Ikuo Yamaguchi Memorial Seminar

The University of Chicago Harper Lectures

Past Lectures/Symposia/Events:

Integrating the Inner City: Chicago Public Housing Past, Present and Future 

Reversing Mass Incarceration Lecture

City/Cité: A Transatlantic Exchange featuring Professor Robert Chaskin

Global Perspectives on Adolescent Health and Economic Strengthening Conference: Lessons from Sub-Saharan Africa

Freedom Summer After 50 Years: Looking Back & Looking Forward

2014 ConverSSAtions Series 

Health Leads presents Sickcare vs. Healthcare: Envisioning a Healthy Chicago 

Social Innovations Conference 

Black Young Men in America: Rising above a Social and Racial Prejudice, Trauma, and Educational Disparities

Technology and the Rising Cost of Health Care: A Paradigm Shift 

Navigating the Cultural Divide: Bridging the Gap Between our Professional, Public and Private Selves

Tampa Harper Lecture with Virginia Parks – Jobs and Politics: Urban Grassroots Responses 

Social Exclusion: The Marginalization of African Americans in Health Care, Housing and Employment

Poverty, Promise, & Possibility Lecture Series

Sexual Identity, Health and Stigma in India: Traditional Statuses and Western Influences