SSA Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity Committee

Mission and Values

The role of the SSA Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity Committee (IED) is to develop, guide, and advance initiatives that build and strengthen the educational, organizational, and institutional climate of SSA with respect to inclusion, equity, and diversity. The IED committee’s mission and values involve a commitment to:

  • Transparency and open communication
  • Inclusivity with representation in decision-making and governance
  • Accountability through feedback loops and systems of checks and balances
  • Community building as a model for governance
  • Engagement and interconnectedness
  • Accessibility


Utilizing the Task Force for Radical Transformation (TFRT) report as a guiding framework, the IED Committee is guided by the following goals:

  1. Identify opportunities around school programming and activities to promote and provide advising and guidance on recommendations related to:
    1. Creating an inclusive climate at SSA
    2. Developing diversity and inclusion content in the SSA curriculum
    3. The development of pedagogical skill development and supports pertaining to diversity and inclusion in the educational program at SSA
    4. Recruitment, admission, and enrollment of a diverse student body at SSA
    5. Recruitment and retention of a diverse cadre of tenure-track and non-tenure-track instructors at SSA
    6. Recruitment and retention of a diverse professional and support staff at SSA
    7. SSA alumni engagement
  2. Engage in opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration with other schools of study across the University engaged in initiatives related to inclusion, equity, and diversity
  3. Support training of faculty, staff, and students that facilitates a welcoming climate for all at SSA. 


The IED Committee is comprised of students, staff and faculty. Staff and faculty are appointed to one-year terms by the Dean of SSA. Student representatives apply to serve a one-year term; student applications are reviewed by all committee members, who collectively vote on student representatives.

2018 – 2019 Members

Associate Professor Alida Bouris (Co-Chair, Faculty)
Assistant Professor Marci Ybarra (Co-Chair, Faculty)
Associate Professor Yoonsun Choi  (Faculty)
Assistant Professor Eve Ewing (Faculty)
Assistant Professor Angela García (Faculty)
Emily Klein Gidwitz Professor Deborah Gorman-Smith (Ex Officio, Dean)
David and Mary Winton Green Professor Curtis McMillen (Ex Officio, Faculty and Deputy Dean of Curriculum)
Sarah Morgan (Ex Officio, Extended Evening Program Coordinator)
Kristen Reid-Salomon (Ex Officio, Assistant Dean of Students)
Ashley Jackson, AM '11, Alumni Representative
Ximena Escalante (EEP student representative)
Armando García (Part-time day student representative)
Mina Lee (PhD student representative)
Bex Leon (Advanced Standing student representative)
Aisha Naseem (1st year day student representative)
Alicia Ozier (2nd year day student representative)

2017 – 2018 Members

Cindy Agustín Peña, Second Year AM Program Student Representative
Jennifer Bealer, Extended Evening Program AM Student Representative
Alida Bouris, Co-Chair, Faculty
Asia Bowman, Extended Evening Program AM Student Representative
Gina Fedock, Faculty
Angela Garcia, Faculty
Ashley Jackson, Alumni Representative
Bharathi Jayaram, Ex Officio, Associate Director of Field Education
Waldo E. Johnson, Jr., Faculty
Marion Malcome, PhD Student Representative
Curtis McMillen, Ex Officio, Faculty and Deputy Dean of Curriculum
Alejandro Monroy Velez, Dean of Students Office
Nerissa Osby, Dean of Students Office
Deborah Ragbir, Second Year AM Student Representative
Kristen Reid-Salomon, Ex Officio, Assistant Dean of Students
Kirstin Williams, First Year AM Program Student Representative
Marci Ybarra, Co-Chair, Faculty