Rhoda Freelon




  • 48500 Data for Policy Analysis and Management

Job Experience

  • Associate Program Officer, Spencer Foundation
  • Researcher, Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access - UCLA

Fields of Special Interest

  • Parent and community engagement in schools
  • Causes and consequences of educational inequality
  • Social and economic context of education
  • Intersection of race, class, and gender in education
  • Social policy and urban education policy
  • Quantitative and mixed research methodologies

Publications or Presentations

  • Freelon, R. (under review). Parent leadership as educational leadership: The role of African American parent leaders in a school district decision-making process.
  •  Rogers, J. and Freelon, R. (2013). Entering adulthood in hard times: A comparative report on the educational and economic status of 18- to 26-year-olds in California. Los Angeles: UC/ACCORD.

  • Freelon, R., Bertrand, M., and Rogers, J. (2012). Overburdened and underfunded: California public schools amidst the Great Recession. Multidisciplinary Journal of Educational Research, 2(2), 152-176.

  • Rogers, J., Freelon, R., and Terriquez, V. (2012). Enlisting collective help: Urban principals’ encouragement of parent participation in school decision-making, In S. Auerbach (ed.) School leadership for authentic family and community partnerships: Research perspectives for transforming practice, Routledge.

  • Rogers, J. and Freelon, R. (2012). Unequal experiences and outcomes for Black and Latino males in California’s public education system. Los Angeles: UC/ACCORD.


  • Freelon, R. Transformational resistance as education leadership: The role of African American parents in a school district decision-making process, Paper presentation for American Education Research Association:  Washington, DC (2016).

  • Freelon, R. and Rogers, J. Toward democracy: School leadership practices that support the participation of low-income families in school decision-making, Paper presentation for American Education Research Association: Chicago, IL (2015).

  • Bertrand, M., Freelon, R., and Ford, A., Considering race and power in efforts to include students, parents, and teachers in decision making, University Conference of Educational Administration Annual Convention: Washington, D.C. (2014).