• 48500 Data for Policy Analysis and Management

Job Experience

  • Associate Program Officer, Spencer Foundation
  • Researcher, Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access - UCLA

Fields of Special Interest

  • Parent and community engagement in schools
  • Causes and consequences of educational inequality
  • Social and economic context of education
  • Intersection of race, class, and gender in education
  • Social policy and urban education policy
  • Quantitative and mixed research methodologies

Publications or Presentations

  • Freelon, R. (under review). Parent leadership as educational leadership: The role of African American parent leaders in a school district decision-making process.
  •  Rogers, J. and Freelon, R. (2013). Entering adulthood in hard times: A comparative report on the educational and economic status of 18- to 26-year-olds in California. Los Angeles: UC/ACCORD.

  • Freelon, R., Bertrand, M., and Rogers, J. (2012). Overburdened and underfunded: California public schools amidst the Great Recession. Multidisciplinary Journal of Educational Research, 2(2), 152-176.

  • Rogers, J., Freelon, R., and Terriquez, V. (2012). Enlisting collective help: Urban principals’ encouragement of parent participation in school decision-making, In S. Auerbach (ed.) School leadership for authentic family and community partnerships: Research perspectives for transforming practice, Routledge.

  • Rogers, J. and Freelon, R. (2012). Unequal experiences and outcomes for Black and Latino males in California’s public education system. Los Angeles: UC/ACCORD.


  • Freelon, R. Transformational resistance as education leadership: The role of African American parents in a school district decision-making process, Paper presentation for American Education Research Association:  Washington, DC (2016).

  • Freelon, R. and Rogers, J. Toward democracy: School leadership practices that support the participation of low-income families in school decision-making, Paper presentation for American Education Research Association: Chicago, IL (2015).

  • Bertrand, M., Freelon, R., and Ford, A., Considering race and power in efforts to include students, parents, and teachers in decision making, University Conference of Educational Administration Annual Convention: Washington, D.C. (2014).

Jelani McEwen

Jelani McEwen, AM '13

When Jelani McEwen begins his new job as Charter Support Manager of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools upon graduation from the School of Social Service Administration in June 2013, in some ways he will have come full circle.