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Danielle Adams
Interest areas: Dissemination and implementation science; Child and adolescent mental health; Recovery-oriented system transformation; Trauma-informed practice and policy; Child welfare; Poverty and inequality; Quality improvement in social service agencies; Public health; Mixed methods. Curriculum Vitae

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Dylan Bellisle 
Interest areas: Poverty and Inequality; Welfare Policy; Income Instability; Social Networks; Social Capital; Financial Health and Mental Health and Well-Being; Earned Income Tax Credit; Work/Family Balance; Financial strategies of single parents; Quantitative methods; Qualitative methods; Mixed methods. Curriculum Vitae

Matthew Borus
Interest areas: Community organizing, individual and organizational political identity

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Kallie Clark-Uribe 
Interest areas: Equity in higher education, postsecondary transitions, inequalities in college access, college choice strategies, urban education, higher education reform. Curriculum Vitae

Emily Claypool

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Bridgette M. Davis
Interest Areas: Transitions to Adulthood; Disconnected Youth; Post-Secondary Education and Employment Organizations; Policy Advocacy; Race, Poverty, and Place. Curriculum Vitae

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Emily Ellis
Interest Areas: Work-family policy; Poverty and inequality; Work supports and Barriers to Employment

Kristen Ethier
Interest areas: Reproductive health and justice

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Huiling Feng
Interest areas: Older foster youth, Chinese child welfare policy and social work profession development

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Katherine Gibson
Interest areas: Child welfare policy and practice; bureaucracy; institutions; organizational theory; public-private partnerships; psychotropic drugs

Dissertation title: "An Ethnographic Study of Psychotropic Drugs and Professional Practices in Illinois's Child Welfare System"

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 Justin Harty 

Interest areas: Fathers and fathering; Father engagement and involvement; Fathers involved in the child welfare system; Young fathers under the care of the child welfare system; Fatherhood programs and interventions; Fathers and child development; African American fathers; Incarcerated fathers; Social support among fathers; Child support enforcement; Theories of father involvement. Curriculum Vitae

Ryan Heath
Interest areas: Positive youth development; afterschool programs; school social work; alternative youth services; adventure therapy; adolescent health; adolescent sexuality

Dissertation title: "Out-of-School Activities, Noncognitive Factors and Academic Performance." Curriculum Vitae

Jane Hereth
Interest areas: Investigating social inequities and health disparities among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) youth; LGBTQ youth in the criminal legal system; HIV prevention

Dissertation title: "A mixed methods study examining criminal legal system involvement among young transgender women." Curriculum Vitae

Ebony Hinton

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Sireen Irsheid

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Meghan Jarpe
Interest areas: Organizational Cultures and Program Effectiveness

Dissertation title: "Needs and Numbers: Perceptions of Performance Contracts in Human Service Organizations"

Amanda Michelle Jones
Interest areas: Youth Homelessness; LGBTQ Youth; Anti-Oppressive Social Work and Research; Trauma-Informed Social Work; Social Work with Groups; Community Organizing; Youth Participatory Action Research; Adolescent/Young Adult Development; Youth Political and Civic Engagement; Qualitative Research Methods; Evaluation Research; Visual Sociology; Research-based Arts

Dissertation title: "It's Complicated: The Relationship Between Structural Violence in Youth Homelessness Policy and the Lives of LGBTQ+ Youth Experiencing Homelessness." Curriculum Vitae

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Lance Keene
Interest areas: Race, Gender, and Sexuality; Social Inequality; Health Disparities; Urban Youth and Community Development; Youth Services and Programs. Curriculum Vitae

Lester Kern

Curriculum Vitae

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Darnell Leatherwood
Interest areasSocial Inequality and Policy, Identity Formation, Decision-Making, Positive Youth Outcomes, and Urban Education. Curriculum Vitae

Mina Lee

Yu-An Lin
Interest areas: Substance Abuse Services

Dissertation title: "Effect of Organizational Factors on Integrated Service Intervention and Outcomes for Substance-Involving Parents in the Child Welfare System." Curriculum Vitae

Biwen Liu
Interest areas: Community; Rural-urban migrants; Urban Poverty; Policy implementation; International social work

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Hannah MacDougall
Interest areas: Health Services Research, Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health, Clinical Social Work Practice in the Healthcare Context, Health Policy, Medicaid. Curriculum Vitae 

Marion Malcome

Matthew Maronick
Interest areas: Social Service Disparities; Nonprofit Engagement; Social Policy; Economic Inequalities

Dissertation title: "Assisting the Latino Diaspora: Human Service Availability in New Immigrant Destinations"

Nora Medina
Interest areas: Childhood regulatory disorders; Family support

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Hannah Norwood
Interest areas: Ethnographic Methods; Immigration and Immigrant Youth; Youth Political Participation Youth Activism; Urban Governance; Community; Education

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Michael Park
Interest areas: Ethnic minority immigrant youth development; Intersection of race/ethnicity, and culture in immigrant youth development; The racialization process of ethnic minority immigrant youth both in home and host society; Asian American family process

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Patricia Round
Interest areas: Ethnographic Methods; Urban Spaces and Movement; System-Involved Youth

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Tonie Sadler 
Interest areas: Disability and incarceration; intellectual and developmental disabilities; disabilities and health and crime policy; racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care and the criminal justice system among people with disabilities.

Sophia Sarantakos 
Interest areas: Criminal-Legal Actors as Street-Level Bureaucrats; Discretion and Decision-Making Among Criminal-Legal Actors; Discretion as a Tool to Transform Penal Policies and Practices. Curriculum Vitae

Jesse Self
Interest areas: Liminally legal statuses; immigration policy; immigrant integration; formerly long-term incarcerated re-integration; law and society

Bikki Tran Smith 
Interest areas: mental health and health care access, ACA implementation, GIS. Curriculum Vitae

Allison Stinson

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Julian Thompson
Interest areas: Race and Ethnicity; Urban Poverty; Sociology of Punishment; Reentry and Desistance from Crime; Intersection of Mental Health and the Criminal Legal System; Social Policy; Critical Social Work

Dissertation title: "The New Rehabilitationism? Examining Mental Health Courts in an Age of Neoliberal Penal Governance"

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Angelica Velazquillo
Interest areas: U.S. health care policy and its impact on immigrant communities, especially for members with precarious legal status; Social work education and immigration policy

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Tadeo Weiner-Davis
Interest areas: Political and civic engagement of marginalized communities; Policy formulation and implementation; Organizational advocacy; Social work profession and curriculum. Curriculum Vitae

Jade Wong

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Yudong Zhang
Interest areas: Social determinants of maternal and infant health, health across life course 

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