This sequence of recommended courses teaches students analytic approaches and practice behaviors for enhancing the effectiveness of human service organizations serving disadvantaged populations. The goals of the Management cluster are:

  • To familiarize students with the theories and analytical frameworks useful for developing and implementing effective organizational policies and practices;
  • To instruct students in strategies that can enable human service organizations to respond effectively to external threats and opportunities;
  • To help students develop competencies in modern management methods, such as staff supervision and development, negotiation, participatory decision-making, organizational development, and agency budgeting.

SSA Faculty recommend that students choosing the Organizations & Management cluster take three or more Cluster courses and one or more Context courses.  

47300  Strategic Management: External Factors
49600  Financial Management for Nonprofit Organization
62600  Philanthropy, Public Policy, & Community Change
49701   Administrative Methods
46412  The Evaluation of Social Welfare Programs & Policies
64600 Quality Monitoring & Improvement for the Social Services

60300: Workforce & Workplace Development: Inequality in Employment
61500  Urban Education & Educational Policy
48112  Community Organizing
64700  Organizing Coalitions for Change: Growing Power & Social Movements
46922  Structuring Refuge: US Refugee Policy and Resettlement Practice

Rose Gallagher, AM '16

Rose Gallagher, AM '16

"My course work, professors, and classmates gave me a new perspective. And I felt intellectually stimulated and challenged every day."