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This case conference is designed for students who wish to learn how to better integrate clinical and macro approaches to practice using case materials. The format of the class is that students will present cases from their field placements using multiple theoretical perspectives and multiple levels of intervention targets and actions. A panel of students and instructors, representing practice at differing levels, will respond to the case material. The case can be primarily about an individual, family, group, community, organization or policy issue, although the case will be analyzed and discussed from multiple levels. The conference is co-led by an instructor with clinical expertise and an instructor with expertise in practice at the organizational, community or policy levels. Guest practitioners or faculty will provide additional consultation. Students are assessed on their written and presented cases and contributions to the conference process. The case conference is open to students from both the clinical and social administration concentrations and is only open to SSA students who are currently in concentration field placements and have permission from their field instructors to discuss masked case material from their field sites.