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This course is presented from the perspective of a practitioner in the field and focuses on developing a motivated and productive workforce in today's complex environment. Course content is relevant to students interested in direct practice, supervision, and administration. The course will provide students with a broad framework on supervisory practice, its impact on the development of staff and the day-to-day realities of managing a workforce within an agency. A focus will be placed on the supervisor's balanced relationship between service delivery, staff and organizational management. Course content will be grounded in a traditional model of Social Work supervision that includes the supervisor as administrator, supporter and educator. Building off this model, students will also learn about the impact of organizational structure on supervision and the supervisor's connection to management. Further emphasis will be placed on the supervisor/supervisee relationship as a parallel to the work with clients and others as well as reflective practice. Experiences from the student's employment or field placement will be explored. Students are expected to reflect on assigned reading materials and participate in class discussions.