A Message to the SSA Community About Christchurch

We have spent the last week mourning the senseless murder of 50 people at the two mosques in Christchurch.  This act of violence is a cruel reminder of the hate and intolerance that continues to persist around the world. We grieve with the friends and families of the victims. We reject the recurring, hate-filled rhetoric assailing immigrants, Muslims, and other innocent people. And we stand with all who seek to build a better and more equitable world – one that gladly welcomes people of all faiths, cultures, and ethnicities.

As a School dedicated to inclusion, diversity, and social justice, we know what happens when decisions are made based on fear, hate, or plain ignorance. And these are matters that concern us deeply and challenge us daily. Reflecting on this moment and the days ahead, we reaffirm our values as social workers to uphold equality, justice, and human dignity. And to speak and act loudly when these values are threatened.  

During these difficult times, please reach out for support and students should not hesitate to connect with the Dean of Students office if they need support or help identifying resources on-and off-campus.