• 48500 Data for Policy Analysis and Management

Job experience

  • Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) Pre-doctoral Fellowship, University of Chicago
  • Research Assistant The Chicago Consortium on School Research
  • Data Analyst, Federation for Community Schools

Fields of Special Interest

  • Equity in higher education
  • Postsecondary transitions
  • Urban education
  • Education policy
  • School culture
  • College access
  • College choice strategies
  • Higher education reform

Publications or presentations

  • Clark, K. (2017) Decoding College: Stories, Strategies, and Struggles of First-GenerationCollege Students. Apollo Beach, FL: Rowe Publishing
  • Clark, K., Mitchell, M. (2014). The Academic Impact of Community Schools: Connecting theDots Between Educational Outcomes and Community Context. Federation for CommunitySchools
  • Roderick, M., Holsapple, M., Clark-Uribe, K., From high school to the future:Delivering on the Dream of College Completion (in press)
  • Clark, K., & Leatherwood, D., Supplementary school funding and concentration ofpoverty: Academic performance in Chicago’s community schools. ResearchPaper presented at the Association for the Study of Higher Education 2017 Annual Conference, April 29th, 2017; San Antonio, TX.
  • Clark, K., & Holsapple, M., Non-academic Interventions: The Role of High Schools, and External Partners in Supporting Underrepresented Students in the Transition to College. Research Paper presented at the Society for Social Work Research 2017 Annual Conference, January 15th, 2017; New Orleans, LA.

  • Day, B.J., Keyes, T.S., Proger, A.R., Clark, K., Roderick, M. Inside the Black Box ofCollege Match: The Academic, Social, and Institutional Experiences of High-Achieving, Urban High School Graduates in College. Research Paperpresented at the Association for the Study of Higher Education 2015 AnnualConference; November 5-7, 2015; Denver, CO. 
Skylar Cole

Skylar Cole, AM ’14

Cole has quickly advanced to a leadership role that includes training staff and supervising social work interns. She developed a professional development plan that emulates what she learned at SSA regarding policies, practices, and perspectives. She also believes that SSA prepared her very well to work on teams, both professionally and in the community.