John Halloran

John Halloran



  • 46800 Political Processes in Policy Formulation and Implementation

Job experience

  • Doctoral Research Assistant, Chapin Hall
  • Doctoral Research Assistant, University of Chicago
  • Attorney, court-appointed guardian ad litem, Danville, IL

Fields of Special Interest

  • The intersection of law and social work in child welfare systems
  • Child and family policy/family theory
  • Social welfare policy implementation
  • Race and poverty in child welfare
  • The profession of social work
  • Conceptions of justice in social work

Publications or presentations

  • Halloran, J. (October, 2015). Caseload capacity in Child Welfare: A Dual-System Dynamic Statistical Framework. Poster presentation at the Council on Social Work Education, 61st Annual Program Meeting, Denver, CO.

  • Halloran, J. (July 19, 2015). Density and Phase Dependence in the Population Dynamics of Child Maltreatment Courts and Out-of-Home Care. Poster presentation at the Systems Dynamics Society, 31st International Conference, Boston, MA.

  • Halloran, J. (January 17, 2015). Seeing in Systems: The Applications of Population Biology to Social Work Research. Workshop at the Society for Social Work and Research, San Antonio, TX.

  • Halloran, J. (2014). BOOK REVIEW: From Pariahs to Partners: How Parents and Their Allies Changed New York City’s Child Welfare System. By David Tobis. Social Service Review, 88(3), 541–44.

  • Halloran, J. (April 5, 2014). Theorizing Dynamical Systems Behavior in Child Neglect Courts. Paper presentation at the Society for Evolutionary Analysis in Law, SEAL XV, Urbana, IL.

  • Halloran, J. (2014). Families First: Reframing Parental Rights as Familial Rights in Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings. Journal of Juvenile Law and Policy, 18(1), 48–90.

  • Halloran, J. (2014). BOOK REVIEW: Deliver Us From Evil: The Slavery Question in the Old South. By Lacy K. Ford.  Journal of Negro Education, 83(1),  94.

  • Halloran, J. (November 1, 2013). The Emergence of the Statutory Juvenile Court in Illinois and the Professionalization of Social Work. Paper presentation at the Council on Social Work Education, 59th Annual Program Meeting, Dallas, TX.

  • Halloran, J. (2012). BOOK REVIEW: Family Law and the Indissolubility of Parenthood. By Patrick Parkinson. Journal of Family Theory and Review, 4(1), 72­–75.