Doctoral Program Funding and Research Support

Doctoral students receive significant funding to ensure that they are able to immerse themselves in the program. Effective July 1, 2017, all admitted doctoral students are eligible to receive a scholarship that will cover all tuition and fees plus a $25,000 stipend for up to five years. Students in years six through 10 will receive an 82 percent tuition benefit. There is no aid for students beyond year 10. Students may also apply for three years of summer support (for $3,000 per summer) between years one and five, contingent on student submission of a summer workplan to pursue continued doctoral study activity. 

The doctoral program involves a full-time commitment. Stipend support is provided in order to allow students to concentrate their time and energy on fulfilling the requirements of the program, developing their scholarship, and completing their doctoral studies in a timely manner.

Many SSA doctoral students receive additional funding through outside training and fellowship programs. SSA students have been very successful in obtaining competitive fellowships and awards from entities such as the CSWE Fellowships for Minority Students, Fahs-Beck dissertation grants, Doris Duke fellowships for the promotion of child well-being, and NIH Dissertation awards.

As part of their financial aid packages, students are expected in their first two years to work as research assistant with an SSA faculty member for 10-12 hours each week and for three years as a teaching assistant (usually during years three through five).

Advanced doctoral students wishing to supplement their aid packages have access to opportunities to teach in the master's program and to serve as university resident heads.

The SSA Office of Grants and Contracts provides support to doctoral students in:

  • Funding Opportunity Searches
  • Proposal Planning and Development
  • Central Administration/Sponsor Liaison
  • Award Administration
  • Financial Management/Coordination of Financial Reports to Sponsors

SSA also supports doctoral students to travel for presentation of papers.