The following is a list of SSA faculty research projects and their grantors.

Alida Bouris, Associate Professor

  • “Substance Use and HIV Prevention Research in Minority Communities Training Program,”
    National Institutes of Health/University of California at San Francisco 

Robert Chaskin, Associate Professor

  • “New Communities Program Evaluation Phase III: Testing the Model,"
    MDRC Subcontract

Yoonsun Choi, Associate Professor

  • “Culture, Family Process, and Developmental Outcomes in Asian American Youth,”
    National Institutes of Health

Mark Courtney, Professor

  • “California Youth Transitions to Adulthood Study (CalYOUTH),”
    The Hilton, Walter Johnson, Stuart, and Zellerbach Foundations 

Matthew Epperson, Associate Professor

  • “Comparative Evaluation of Court Based Responses to Offenders with Mental Illness,”
    National Institute of Justice
  • "Probationers with Serious Mental Illnesses," National Institutes of Health

Deborah Gorman-Smith, Emily Klein Gidwitz Professor

  • “Chicago Center for Youth Violence Prevention,”
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • “A Qualitative Evaluation of CeaseFire Activities in Four Chicago Police Beats,”
    McCormick Foundation
  • “Integrating Contextual, Proximal, and Individual Risk for Child Conduct Problems,”
    National Institutes of Health/Michigan State University
  • "Great Families Evaluation,"
    LISC/Enlace Chicago

Coleen GroganProfessor

  • “Engaged State Health Reform Scholar-Practitioner Network,”
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Neil Guterman, Dean and Mose & Sylvia Firestone Professor

  • “SSA Violence Prevention Program,”
    Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • "Promoting Father Involvement in Visiting Services for Vulnerable Families: A Randomized Clinical Trial of the 'Dads Matter' Enhancement,"
    The McCormick and Pritzker Early Childhood Foundations:

Sydney Hans, Samuel Deutsch Professor

  • “Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program,”
    Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)/State of Illinois
  • “Infant Mental Health Training Program,”
    Irving B. Harris Foundation
  • “Study of Early Childhood Settings in Multiple Communities (Educare RCT),"
    Ounce of Prevention Fund/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Julia HenlyAssociate Professor

  • Child Care Research Partnership,”
    Administration for Children and Families
  • “Determinants of Subsidy Stability and Child Care Continuity in Illinois and New York: Phase 2 – A Focus on the Subsidy-Quality Intersection,”
    Department of Health and Human Services/Administration for Children and Families
  • “Work Scheduling Study,”
    Russell Sage Foundation, Ford Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, and the University of Chicago Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS)

Leyla Ismayilova, Assistant Professor

Link to information about the following research studies:

  • “Computerized Family-Based Youth HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention in Kazakhstan,”
    National Institutes of Health
  • “Child Protective Effects of a Household Economic Strengthening Program for Ultra-poor Female Caregivers, Children & Violence Evaluation Challenge
    Network of European Foundations (Belgium)
    UNICEF Child Protection Working Group
  • “Developing a Mental Health Prevention Program for Institutionalized Children in Azerbaijan
    Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS)

Susan Lambert, Associate Professor

  • “Work Scheduling Study,”
    Russell Sage Foundation, Ford Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, and the University of Chicago Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS)

Charles PayneFrank P. Hixon Distinguished Service Professor

  • "Fragile Victories,"
    Spencer Foundation

Harold Pollack, Helen Ross Professor

  • “Impact of Health Reform on Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs,”
    National Institutes of Health/Rhode Island Hospital
  • “Intellectual Disability and the American Medical Welfare State,"
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Melissa Roderick, Hermon Dunlap Smith Professor

  • “Strengthening Instruction: Linking Language Development and Literacy,”
    Chicago Community Trust
  • “School Improvement Lead Partner,”
    Chicago Public Schools/Department of Education
  • “School Improvement – North Lawndale,”
    Department of Education/Illinois State Board of Education
  • “School Improvement Grant (SIG),”
  • “Network for College Success,”
    JP Morgan Chase, McDougal Family Foundation/Chicago Tribune Charities, Crown Philanthropies, Polk Bros. Foundation
  • “Does College Matter?”
    Spencer Foundation
  • “Is 9th Grade the Key to Solving the Dropout Crisis?”
    William T. Grant Foundation

Tina RzepnickiDavid and Mary Winton Green Professor Emerita

  • “Program Practices Project,”
    Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Marci Ybarra, Assistant Professor

  • “Child Care Arrangements and Cognitive Outcomes among Children from Latino Immigrant Families,”
    Silberman Fund
  • “How Do Low-Income Expectant Mothers Package Work and Safety Net Support? Evidence from Illinois Administrative Data,”
    University of Chicago – Chapin Hall Joint Research Fund