Spanish Language and Culture for Social Workers

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Through acquisition of Spanish language and cultural competency, this course will help reduce incidents of pragmatic failure during communication with members of the LatinX community. We will explore communicative strategies to adapt phonetics, formality, and diction to particular rhetorical situations. In addition, we will reinforce cultural instruction through a variety of experiential learning activities and self-selected readings, as well as, expand vocabulary related to Social Work practitioners.

Prerequisites: One year of college-level Spanish or successful completion of proficiency exam. In addition, during autumn quarter interested students will complete a 20-minute assessment interview with the instructor which may also include a brief written component to determine level of fluency. Consent of the instructor will be required for course registration.

This course is taught entirely in Spanish.
This course fulfills the Human Diversity Requirement.

Courses are subject to change at any time. Please check mySSA for the quarters, days, and times that courses will be held, as well as room numbers.