Practicing with Integrity in Trauma-Informed Care

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Integrity forms the backbone of a strong clinical practice. It requires honesty, compassion and consistency and provides a foundation for building safety and trust in any relationship. Conversely, trauma can disrupt our sense of safety and our trust in others. It can cause us to question the stability of our homes, our communities and the world. Therefore, it is essential for clinicians to develop an integrity practice in order to help clients begin to mitigate the impact of trauma. In this seminar-style course, we will discover the ways in which the therapeutic relationship can provide a platform for healing. We will draw on the work of clinicians who utilize aspects of relational theory (such as Irvin Yalom and Jean Baker Miller) alongside clinicians who specialize in trauma-informed practice (such as Judith Herman and Bessel Van Der Kolk). Through the use of experiential journaling, group process, and a final project, we will come together in order to find the intersection of clinical integrity and trauma-informed practice.

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