Gender Considerations in International Social Work Practice

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This course aims to prepare students for clinical social work practice in the global context with an emphasis on gender issues. Now, more than ever, international social work is a vital component to social work practice as our interdependence increases and at-risk populations all around the world seek refuge across borders. This class primarily focuses on treating international populations here in the United States, but also addresses working abroad in clinical roles. Students will learn practical skills across individual, family and group work that emphasize 1) how to understand issues from clients' countries of origin that impact their current well-being, 2) how to use standpoint theory as a means to honor clients' intersecting identities and serve them in a strengths-based, culturally informed manner; and 3) intergenerational issues that arise between family members who rely on cultural norms from their countries-of-origin and those who strive to blend into the new country. The course also examines gender-issues in the international community including gender-based violence (GBV), human trafficking, and the treatment of the LGBTQIA population worldwide. The course also looks at the movement of populations across the globe and what informs those movements including persecution, conflict, and extreme poverty.

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