Ané Maríñez-Lora



  • 44501 Clinical Research: Using Evidence in Clinical Decision Making

Job Experience

  • Research Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Institute for Juvenile Research, Department of Psychiatry, University of Illinois at Chicago
  •  Co-Director, Building Family Foundations (BFF)

  • Consulting Clinical Supervisor, Evidence-Based Practices Initiative, Illinois Department of Mental Health

Fields of Special Interest

  • Dissemination of evidence-based practices
  • Latino mental health
  • Mental health services research
  • Parent training
  • Social support and parenting strain
  • Parental school involvement

Publications or Presentations

  • Maríñez-Lora, A.M., & Cruz, L.M. (in press). Strengthening positive parenting in the context of intimate partner abuse. Clinical Case Studies.
  • Shernoff, E.S., Frazier, S.L. Maríñez-Lora, A., Lakind, D., Atkins, M.S., Jakobsons, L., Bhaumik, D., Hamre, B.K., Patel, D., Parker Katz, M., Neal, J. & Smylie, M. (2016). Expanding the role of school psychologists to support early career teachers: A mixed-method study. School Psychology Review, 45, 226-249.
  • Maríñez-Lora, A.M., Boustani, M., Del Busto, C., & Leone, C. (2016). A framework for translating an evidence-based intervention from English to Spanish. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 38. 117-133.
  • Maríñez-Lora, A.M., & Atkins, M.S. (2012). Evidence-based treatment in practice-based cultural adaptations. In G. Bernal & M. Domenech-Rodríguez (Eds.), Cultural adaptations: Tools for evidence-based practice with diverse populations. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press.
  • Shernoff, E.S., Maríñez -Lora, A.M., Frazier, S.L., Jakobsons, L.J., Atkins, M.S., & Bonner, D. (2011).  Teachers supporting teachers in urban schools program: What iterative research designs can teach us. School Psychology Review, 40,465-485.
  • Maríñez-Lora, A.M., & Quintana, S. M. (2009). Low-income urban African American and Latino parents’ school involvement: Testing a theoretical model. School Mental Health, 1, 212-228.