• 44501 Clinical Research: Using Evidence in Clinical Decision Making

Job Experience

  • Research Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Institute for Juvenile Research, Department of Psychiatry, University of Illinois at Chicago
  •  Co-Director, Building Family Foundations (BFF)

  • Consulting Clinical Supervisor, Evidence-Based Practices Initiative, Illinois Department of Mental Health

Fields of Special Interest

  • Dissemination of evidence-based practices
  • Latino mental health
  • Mental health services research
  • Parent training
  • Social support and parenting strain
  • Parental school involvement

Publications or Presentations

  • Maríñez-Lora, A.M., & Cruz, L.M. (in press). Strengthening positive parenting in the context of intimate partner abuse. Clinical Case Studies.
  • Shernoff, E.S., Frazier, S.L. Maríñez-Lora, A., Lakind, D., Atkins, M.S., Jakobsons, L., Bhaumik, D., Hamre, B.K., Patel, D., Parker Katz, M., Neal, J. & Smylie, M. (2016). Expanding the role of school psychologists to support early career teachers: A mixed-method study. School Psychology Review, 45, 226-249.
  • Maríñez-Lora, A.M., Boustani, M., Del Busto, C., & Leone, C. (2016). A framework for translating an evidence-based intervention from English to Spanish. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 38. 117-133.
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  • Maríñez-Lora, A.M., & Quintana, S. M. (2009). Low-income urban African American and Latino parents’ school involvement: Testing a theoretical model. School Mental Health, 1, 212-228.


Jelani McEwen

Jelani McEwen, AM '13

When Jelani McEwen begins his new job as Charter Support Manager of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools upon graduation from the School of Social Service Administration in June 2013, in some ways he will have come full circle.