Academic Advising

Academic Advising

All enrolled graduate students at SSA receive general academic advising thorugh the office of the Dean of Students. When students enter SSA, they are assigned a faculty advisor with whom they are encouraged to discuss their academic program and career plans. First-year advisor assignments are generally made with the student’s Core faculty; post-Core assignments are made in association with the student’s chosen concentration. Throughout their attendance at SSA, students are encouraged to engage any faculty member for advice or information regarding their interests or concerns. The Dean of Students web page provides additional information regarding accommodations, financial concerns, special programs or special needs.

Writing Supports

All incoming students attend a workshop during orientation on professional writing. The workshop includes a grammar refresher, an overview of rules for style and punctuation, a suggested organization for writing academic papers, and an overview of the rules of citation.

English-as-a Second-Language (ESL) classes through International Affairs

The University offers a full complement of ESL classes for students with limited knowledge of English. Both language and writing classes are offered each quarter.