Jeff Levy

Jeff Levy



  • 42212 Introduction to Trauma Informed Practice
  • 43512 Advanced Seminar in Contemporary Group Practice

Job Experience

  • Co-Founder and CEO, Live Oak, Inc.
  • Visiting Lecturer, Jane Addams College of Social Work/UIC
  • The Center for Contextual Change, Ltd.
  • Teen Living Programs, Inc.
  • Associate Faculty, Chicago Center for Family Health
  • Core Faculty, Chicago Training Collaborative

Fields of Special Interest

  • Trauma/Violence
  • Creative, Expressive, and Body-Inclusive Therapies
  • Affirmative Practice with LGBT Individuals/Families
  • Children, Adolescents, and Families
  • Group Therapy

Publications or Presentations

  • Levy, J. & Jones, A.  (2013).  “Nothing Small About Microaggression:  How We Can Hurt and Be Hurt and Never Know It.  “Positively Aware Magazine, September-October.
  • Levy, J. (2010). “Between Gay and Straight: Honoring a Client's Multiple Identities." Psychotherapy Networker, May-June.
  • Levy, J. (2010). “Economic Hard Times Can be Another Complication When Living With HIV." Positively Aware Magazine, May-June. 
  • Levy, J. (2008). “Long-Term Survivors and Wellness: No Longer an Oxymoron." Positively Aware Magazine.  Sept-October, pp. 40-42. 
  • Levy, J. (2008). "Trauma, The  Body, and LGBT Survivors." Illinois Society for Clinical Social Workers Newsletter, Summer 2008, 12-15.
  • Levy, J. (2008). "The Truth May Not Set You Free: Being Gay, Married, and HIV Positive." Positively Aware Magazine. March-April, pp. 40-43.
  • Levy, J. (2005). "Talking Back to Heterosexism: A Decade of Lessons Learned." In the Family Magazine, 10 (4), 6-8.