Eric Ornstein



  • 41100 Psychodynamic Practice Methods II
  • 64500 Psychodynamic Intervention for Clients with Challenging Mental Health Issues

Job Experience

  • Clinical Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago Jane Addams College of Social Work, Field Liaison

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Hospital, Department of Health Social Work, Social Work Supervisor, Inpatient Psychiatric Unit

  • Clinical Social Worker, Jewish Family and Community Service, Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Fields of Special Interest

  • Application of Contemporary Psychodynamic Relational Theory to Social Work Practice with Vulnerable Urban Populations
  • Relational Supervision and Field Instruction
  • Applications of Attachment Theory to Social Work Practice

Publications or Presentations

  • Ornstein, E. D. & Moses, H. (2010). Goodness of fit: A relational approach to field instruction. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 30, 101-114.
  • Weinstein, L. S., Winer, J. A., & Ornstein, E. D. (2009). Supervision and self disclosure: Modes of supervisory interaction. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 7, 1379-1399.
  • Ganzer, C., & Ornstein, E. D. (2008). In and out of enactment: A relational perspective on the short and long term treatment of substance abuse. Clinical Social Work Journal. 36, 155-164.

  • Massat, C. R., Moses, H., & Ornstein, E.D. (2008). Grief and loss in schools: A perspective for school social workers. School Social Work Journal, 33, 80-95.

  • Ornstein, E. D., & Ganzer, C. (2005). Relational social work: A model for the future. Families In Society, 84, 565-572.