• 30200 Social Intervention: Research and Evaluation

Job Experience

  • Project Coordinator, National Drug Abuse Treatment System Survey State Case Studies
  • Doctoral Research Assistant, The University of Chicago
  • Research Analyst, National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors
  • Girls’ Education and Empowerment Extension Agent, Peace Corps Togo

Fields of Special Interest

  • Substance Use Disorder and Behavioral Health Services and Policies
  • Addiction Recovery and Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care
  • Behavioral and Physical Health Disparities and Equity
  • Asian and Pacific Islander American Populations 

Publications or Presentations

  • Andrews, C., Abraham, A., Grogan, C. M., Pollack, H. A., Bersamira, C., Humphreys, K., & Friedmann, P. (2015). Despite Resources From The ACA, Most States Do Little To Help Addiction Treatment Programs Implement Health Care Reform. Health Affairs, 34(5), 828-835.

  • Park, K., Marsh, J.C., Bersamira, C. (2015 October). Gender and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Opioid Drug Use: Gender Gap Narrowing Over Time in U.S., Findings from NSDUH 2017-2013. Presentation at the Addiction Health Services Research (AHSR) Conference, Marina del Rey, CA.

  • Bersamira, C.S., Lin, Y. & Marsh, J.C. (2015 January). Substance Abuse Among Asian Pacific Islander Americans: Results from the National Latino and Asian American Study Related to Ethnicity, Native-Born Status, English Proficiency, and Gender. Poster Presentation at the Society for Social Work Research, New Orleans, LA.

  • Andrews, C.M., Grogan, C.M., Bersamira, C.S. Pollack, H.A. & Friedmann, P.D. (2014 October). State and Treatment Program Responses to Health Reform: Preliminary Findings from the National Drug Abuse Treatment System Survey (NDATSS) – Single State Agencies, the ACA, and SAPT Block Grant Reallocation. Presentation at the Addiction Health Services Research (AHSR) Conference, Boston, MA.

  • Wurzburg, S., Zentgraf, K., Russell, C. Bersamira, C., Morrison, R., & Harwood, H. (2014). State Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Practice Guide. National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors.  


Jeri Laureano

Jeri Laureano, AM '83

“We do our best every day to provide our clients with opportunities to build a better life. We have former clients who now work at ChildServ, making money so that they can support themselves and their family. I think that says a lot about who we are at ChildServ.”