Day, Billie Jo



  • 48500 Data for Policy Analysis and Management

Job Experience

  • AmeriCorps*VISTA

  • New England Board of Higher Education

  • University of Miami

  • Indiana University - Bloomington

Fields of Special Interest

  • Rural Education
  • Urban Education
  • Education Policy and Reform
  • School Transitions
  • College Match
  • College Choice
  • Pedagogy

Publications or Presentations

  • Day, B.J., Keyes, T., Proger, A., Clark, K. (2015, November). Inside the black box of college match: The academic, social and institutional experiences of high-achieving, urban high school graduates in college. Association for the Study of Higher Education. Denver, CO.

  • Keyes, T., Day, B.J., (2015, November). Noncognitive factors: Do learning strategies and academic behaviors change with the transition to college? Association for the Study of Higher Education. Denver, CO.

  • Keyes, T.S. and Day, B.J. Turf War? Supporting Students by Understanding the Unique Contributions of School Social Workers, School Counselors and School Psychologists. Poster session presented at 18th National School Social Work Conference April 14-18, 2015; Nashville, TN.

Zehua Cui

"I had no awareness of the existence of social work in schools in China, so I am thankful for my first year internship experience with children at Namaste Charter school, which totally opened up a new world for me. The experience broadened my horizon in terms of the various ways in which we can help children," says Zehua Cui.